* Links to scouting related pages

  • #Scouts - where you can talk in real time with Scouts around the world.
  • Camp Fire Boys and Girls@
  • Eagle Scouting Site Award - includes the iEagle, Best Scout Site, and the Scouting GOLD award.
  • Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages - An internationally-oriented Scouting resource that places emphasis on the more challenging aspects of Scouting. Topics include ADD, survival and wilderness leadership training, and much more.
  • Games Compendium, The - a collection of games suitable for scouting.
  • Global ScoutNet - Main index page of the Global ScoutNet. The biggest link to other scouting resources on the Net.
  • MacScouter - a comprehensive list of scouting related resources, for youth and adult leaders.
  • NetWoods Virtual Campsite - Information and resources for the Boy Scout and adult Scouter.
  • Ready Network - worldwide Scouting Network created by young people as part of an initiative of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.
  • ScoutBase UK - directories, scouting related articles, activities, software and clip art.
  • Scouter.com
  • Scouting on the World Wide Web
  • Scouting Page - in Dutch. Requires a frames-capable browser.
  • ScoutLink - project by the Global Scoutnet Organisation that provides a secure IRC network for the use of Scouts, Guides and their leaders.
  • FAQ - Scouting
  • Index - Scouting Spider
  • Index - ScoutLinks On-Line

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