Patches and other artwork from Gavin K. MacHutchin, Scoutmaster Emeritus, Troop 299

A true living link to Lord Robert Baden Powell. When Gavin was an infant, his father, a British Army General in Africa, took him to meet Baden Powell. The Chief Scout of the World must have rubbed off on that little child, for this fellow has followed his footsteps well. A loyal (former) Subject of the Crown, a British Army Officer, more at home in Africa than Geat Britain, an artist and illustrator, dedicated teacher of troubled children, our artist, our renaissance man, our Scoutmaster Emeritus, Gavin K. MacHutchin.

Permission to reproduce granted as long as source credit is given to the artist (Gavin MacHutchin) and a copy of the reproduced artwork is sent to the artist at 1107 North Fife Street, Tacoma, WA 98406

* CSP Patches

* OA Patches

* Other Patches

* Line drawings of troop activities. Who needs a camera when you have a fast pencil?

* The Littlest Scoutmaster - your very own instructor's aide

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