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Ideas and Equipment for Homes at Risk From Wildfire

Forest fires pose a serious threat to homes throughout the country. In California alone, wildfires destroyed 1,100 homes in 1993, and many others were damaged or threatened. Because so many people continue to move into urban/wildland areas, the potential for wildfire devastation is increasing.

Most people don't fully recognize the danger fire presents in their wildland home setting, or know what they can do to minimize the danger to their homes. Even more importantly, they don't realize that adequate fire protection does not exist to immediately protect all the homes in most rural areas.

Rural Fire Supply was started in 1994 because we realized that much of the destruction could be prevented if people had access to good information and basic, reliable fire protection equipment. Rural Fire brings expertise gained in over 35 years of wildland firefighting to assist with your home fire protection. We offer a small inventory of essential tools and equipment to help keep wildfires at bay and give firefighters a better chance to protect your home.

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