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The Hardsuit is the world’s most advanced Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS). Manufactured by Ceanic Corporation, the Hardsuit is the product of improvements to existing ADS technology and an innovative breakthrough in rotary joint development that permits low friction movement under extreme pressures. This technology enables trained operators to work in water depths to 1,000 feet (305 meters) while remaining at a single atmosphere or surface pressure environment.

Underwater Atmospheric Systems, Inc. (UAS), uses the Hardsuit with its patented fluid filled rotary joint. The 20 strategically located patented joints mimic the body’s joint system allowing maximum dexterity. The joints allow effortless movement at depths below 33 feet.

In many applications, the Hardsuit would be an effective and economical diving tool for:

One of the Two UAS owned Hardsuits Hardsuit Advantages
Hardsuit/Saturation Diving Cost Comparison
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