Welcome to Mr. Whalen's Art Class

Welcome to the art of Claymation

One of the most popular animated characters of televisions golden age was Gumby. He was one of the stop motions famous characters. Stop animation is filmed frame to frame, every thing is animation instead of cartoons. They sometimes use clay figures. Like The Land of the Lost was made of stop motion sequences of dinosaur models . Stop motion is when they stop the cameras and move the figures to each movement.

The Dragon and Bulldog are the characters we used

when we made our movies

Silk Screening

These are pictorial images that can be inked onto paper, and the art of creating and reproducing them. The two basic categories of prints are those that are made photomechanically, such as newspaper and magazine illustrations or reproductions of original art sold in museum shops and several techniques that require artistic skills and special materials.

The Picture of the Indian is an example of how silkscreening is made or an idea what it may look like.

Mr. Whalen had us create Shushigami images

This is an example of What Shushigami looks like.