Lochburn's SchoolLine

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Lochburn is participating in SchoolLine. This service allows parents and scholars the ability to check on assignments given during the week by their respective teachers. Typically (though not always) your childs teacher will leave voice mail relating to coursework he/she has assigned during the week, and work which may commence during following weeks. If the students are working on an extended project the message may or may not change. If in doubt please give us a call at 589-7665 and leave your scholars teacher a message and they will call you back if not available at the specific time you call.

To access the recording Dial 383-5327 , when the automated voice welcomes you it will ask for a 4 digit number assigned to Lochburn you need to use your keypad on the phone to enter it. This Number is


Then it will ask for the specific teachers 4 digit number , please enter it , and the automated voice will state the name of the teacher and play that teachers recording. If in doubt just listen to the directions of the automated voice.

Below are the 4 digit numbers assigned to the teachers that you will need to access the recording. After trying it a few times you will find it quite easy to access, but it takes a few times to become comfortable with it. Go ahead and give it a try, or have your scholar do it.

Bronstad 1002

Burton 1003

Camron 1055

Cinco 1007

Darnielle 1008

deCharnace 1009

deCharance 9th gr. Health 1041

deCharance 8th gr. Math 1042

Enz 1051

Farr 1011

Foster 1012

Galligan 1013

Geyer 1053

Graves 1054

Haworth 1018

Hayne 1019

Holmes 1043

Horne 1050

Hufford 1021

Malmin 1044

McGillin 1045

McGuire 1023

Milonas 1025

Nelson 1049

Parselle 1027

Pelander 1028

Schellberg 1047

Simpson 1039

Sullivan 1030

Swarner 1046

Swearingen 1031

Tarleton 1032

Vogt 1052

Weldon 1033

Whalen 1034

Wilson 1036

Counselors 1037

Nurse 1038