Welcome to make a Difference Day

The First Annual "Make a Difference Day" was great. Over 350 scholars attended with their parents and siblings. Added to the Lochburn staff, Junior ROTC from CloverPark High School, Volunteers from the Army Guard and many others we had over 500 participants.

The morning started out with an assembly for all those participating. Speeches where given by the mayor of Lakewood (Bill Harrison), our Principal and Vice- Principal (Mr. Cameron & Mr. Purvis), Tony Ventrella from KIRO, Keith Eldridge from KOMO and last but not least sheriffs deputy Lloyd Bird and his partner. We really appreciate them all coming to cheer our scholars on. After other scholar presentations some of us stayed for on campus projects, and the rest of us headed out to our various locations throughout the Lakewood community. Some of the Lakewood community projects consisted of cleaning up of the cemetery over by Lakes High School, Railroad clean up, help/clean up of senior residences in the community, clean up of local CloverPark school grounds, Front/Back gate clean up of McCord AFB, and various other projects in other nearby neighborhoods.

The speakers are in the background watching a presentation by scholars

A Lochburn Chorus Line

This area was excavated by Mr. Burton's crew, cedar bender board placed at the periphery and gravel used as fill to make a fine walkway

Lochburn is a beautiful campus. Oak trees, walkways, and lots of grass. The problem being areas are those which have become barren over the years. So one of the activities on campus that sunny October day was to reseed hundreds of square feet of ground and plant new shrubery. It was a great Fall day to be out doing yard work.

As of November 20th we have a fine cover of turf emerging from, whats now, wet ground. :-)

We might have bitten off a little more than we could chew and never got around to this area. The plan for this area was to reseed and Make Large Letters spelling "LMS" from daffodils, or iris. The Lochburn crew planted approximately 1000 bulbs on Saturday. We still have about 1000 to go.

We couldn't have done this without the following Sponsors and support by some very special people. The staff ,kids, parents,and community.... we thank them all.

A Special Thanks to the Following Business'