The Web scholars at Lochburn hope you enjoy the sites we've collected in our travels. Due to the volatile nature of the Web you may find some URL's (sites) no longer current. We will attempt to work on this page each Semester or as time permits. Thanks

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US Department of Education


One Stop Educational Resource (brought to you by you)


Fife School District Homepage : Parents/Students can check their grades weekly from this site which is full of teachers resources, lesson plans and more.


The Learning Space : An Online Learning Community of Washington State Educators : An Excellent site full of resources primarily for teachers by teachers

George Lucas Educational Foundation : George Lucas as many thoughtful people understand the value in providing children an education second to none. We as teachers and parents thank him for his concern and help. The site he created promotes and supports changes to the K-12 educational system; share the latest strategies for improving schools, especially those that integrate technology with teaching and learning; connect people to information and each other to share ideas and resources; Show exciting schools and programs in action; provide a common framework and language to understand the research-based theories and ideas behind outstanding schools and programs; and Identify ways for all citizens to make informed decisions about transforming the schools in their communities.

There are approximately 10 regional education labs situated in the United States carrying on research projects and providing the troops in the field of education information on what works. These ten labs are supported by the Department of Education. Each regional lab concentrates on specific topics. The areas include rural education, assessment and accountability, Curriculum, Learning and Instruction, Technology , School Change Processes, and others.

ONLINE EDUCATOR : Making the Internet an Accessible, Useful Classroom Tool. A Teacher Resource

John Dewey (1859-1952) is known mostly as a philosopher of education. But his relevance to modern cognitive psychology is often underestimated. This page of links is an attempt to make Dewey more accessible to other cognitive psychologists interested in his philosophy and work.

This site provides information and workshops on teaching history using archival documents, genealogy, researching archives and more. They will make copies of many items for free, some have a charge. These include great photos as well as historical documents.The National site : is an independent federal agency that preserves our nation's history and defines us as a people by overseeing the management of all federal records.

What is Portfolio Assessment : If you want to learn more about the use of Portfolios this is the site to visit.

One of the skills that the teachers' described as part of the curriculum is knowing the multiplication tables from zero to twelve. This is a necessary prerequisite skill for use in any other multiplication calculations and any more advanced math students will learn in future grades. The calculations are simple in content and need to be rote so the repetition of the game supports the learning objective.

The advantage of jigsaw activities is that students must depend on each other for their information, so they must interact to accomplish a given task. The technique described below for making jigsaw activities from newspaper articles structures activities so that students read the text, hear the text, master new vocabulary, paraphrase, and interact at all stages of the activity (not at just the discussion stage, as in the traditional approach).

You'll find lots of education-related links at Pitsco's Launch to educational resources. Pitsco is a great company that provides lots of hands-on equipment and ideas.

Teachnet: Here is a site that provides lesson plans and more. Like the Learning Space it is constructed by teachers for teachers to advertise and promote best/effective educational practices. Keypals, Lesson Ideas K-12

The Web for Educators : A site to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom : Lessons, Activities, Projects, Resources, References, Tools.

If your interested in creating On-line projects/curriculum for your class ..... take a look at what Columbia University has put together WWW constructionist project design guide

Learning Space Global Project List : Are you looking for a way to use the Internet in your classroom and give your students a more global perspective of their world? Then you should check out their list of online projects to join.

For Teachers of English as a Second Language: TESL Journal (Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links)


Commercial Sites

Funbrain is the internet's newest educational web site. Providing On-line curriculum. Math Baseball, Wacky Tales, Change Maker. interactive educational games and more.


The Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCCNet) provides On-line curriculum for the math, science, English , you name it. A possible solution to textbooks in the future. interactive software, Internet-based projects, and fullservice support give educators the tools they need to succeed with technology in the classroom. The K-12 curriculum software, includes more than 50+ courses/titles and built-in assessment and accountability.

The INTELLECTUM site contains Interactive Problem-Solving and Artificial Intelligence hardware and software that can be used in the classroom. (The products are promoted by three distributors: Tangent Scientific, Boreal Labs, and Northwest Scientific.)

Amazon .Com : The world's biggest bookstore carrying approximately 2.5 million titles. If you can't find it here it's out of print or non-existent. Ordering is done with a credit card and the book ordered is received in about 4 days.

Depco : Lochburn is using Hearlihy Technology Education products. Depco provides similar products. Compare the two. The state of Georgia is a leader in Technology Education, (California too) To make an educated decision on which company best suits your particular needs, contact TechEd instructors who actually use their products. A 12-15 module setup will generally run a school appproximately $30-40,000. That's without modifications (typically electrical installation) to the classroom.

Tom Snyder Software Site : Check it out .... an interesting collection of software and demos for a test drive

NovaNet : A site with curriculum that can be used by the homeschooler or as supplemental curriculum in schools

The Whole Earth Catalog at "The Well". A wholistic catalog containing sustainable, light impact technologies.


If you've ever wondered what networking is all about. The hardware, software , the nuts and bolts here are two places to start with 3COM or Procom Technology



The Nasa Observatorium ( games, gifs, movies, space tidbits). This is a great site

Nyelabs : Bill...Bill...Bill...Bill "The Science Guy"

Explore the heart and hear it beating! : An Online Exploration : Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure. Follow the blood through the blood vessels. Wander through the weblike body systems. Learn how to have a healthy heart and how to monitor your heart's health. Look back at the history of heart science.

So many links, (National Academy Press) Books for every subject and interest. Check out the cool science site of the week.

The Discovery Channel site : History, Technology, Nature, Exploration, Science. The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, even better than PBS when it comes to quality educational productions.

The CNN On-line site. Great for news and for use in the classroom


Family and Consumer Science

Low-fat Lifestyle Forum : This forum is for people who are interested in adopting a low-fat lifestyle or for those who are already living a low-fat lifestyle.

Epicurious : Whether you need a recipe for Chinese almond cakes or want to get from the airport to downtown Shanghai, you've come to the right place. Epicurious Food's Recipe File puts more than 7,600 recipes from Bon Appétit and Gourmet at your fingertips

International Food Information Council : The purpose of the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation is to provide sound, scientific information on food safety and nutrition to journalists, health professionals, educators, government officials and consumers.

FamilyWeb : FamilyWeb's goal is to provide an informative place for families to gather from around the world.


Computers and the Internet

Parents guide to Information Superhighway : A parental primer

Apple Computer : Their still alive and cookin

Macintosh Fixit Site : If you are having a problem and need a question answered or a fix this is a great resource.

Archive of Apple DeskTop Computers : from the 2e to the current models

ZDNet : A Software Library Shareware and Freeware. They also have a Virtual University offering computer/HTML classes.

Hotwired Webmonkey : A comprehensive resource for Web Developers, whether you're a first-time page builder or a big-shot webmaster. You'll find nearly 200 Webmonkey tutorials, recommended tools and books, links to other developer resources.

For those techies who need shareware or freeware programs this site will nourish your need for bits and pieces.

Communications Networking Information and Tutorials : ADSL, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Fibre Channel, Network Management

The Gaming Planet : If you want a check out an old game,new game, or view some sort of demo this is the place to go.


Netday educational Links: Other districts are wiring their buildings with the help of concerned parents, staff, and industry professionals. How about you. If your interested in wiring your school. These are the sites to go to.


Interested in creating Web pages ?...... Here are a couple sites to check out

WWW constructionist project design guide

Cusomizing your Web pages





Digital Cameras and Their Uses

CNET Review of Digital Cameras

PC Photo Forum

How To Buy Digital Cameras

Tips for the Digital Darkroom

Seven Reasons to use Digital Photography

Whisconier Middle School Site Dissection Project




Natural and Life Sciences

Environmental Education Site


Life Science K-12: Good source of information and links for the Science teacher in many areas of life science. It covers topics from Animal Classification to the Scientific Method.


Bob's Rock Shop (mineralogy, crystallology, etc.)


Oceanography Resources on the Internet NOAA


Welcome to Chem4kids (Chemistry projects)


The Periodic Table on the WWW


Eriksdale Schools (Science projects & links)


Pacific NorthWest Plant and Wildlife Data (database of nurseries & native plants)


Science in the Home (great links)


Skywatcher's Diary: Astronomy (tells all that's going on the skies each night!)


Seismology and Earthquake Information from the University of Washington's Geophysical Department


National Geographic made it to the web and has, as usual, done an outstanding job.


This site has earth science resources and is full of activities with real time data. Check it out!!!


Rainforest Action Network


Smithsonian site of marine industries and ecology


The website is titled "The Rookery" and contains a potpourri of information on a variety of penguins, student projects, tours of Antarctica, student email and other links.


The following three URLs are sites all provide great links to various locations throughout the U.S. The last one has links to the weather cameras positioned in different locations throughout the U.S.


Network Montana project Here is an example of how curriculum can be integrated. Taking weather data of earth sciences and using mathematics for analyzing the data. This Network Montana project has developed a great collection of online earth science labs. These labs get students involved in using the data collected in a meaningful way. The Topics include the Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere.


Libraries and Museums

Don't stop here. These are only a few of hundreds of sites. Many museums are Online today.Like the Louvre.

Smithsonian Institute Homepage


WWW Virtual Library


University of Michigan's Virtual Library


History and Gov't

Washington State History Museum: The Best of Washington State


Children's Ancient History : Ancient/Classical History Net Links


WWI "Trenches" Home Page. These pages contain information on the people, places, and events that comprised one of the worst calamities of modern history. Entire kingdoms were to vanish in the clash. The map makers of the world would be busy indeed!


Ricki Peto's excellent Pacific NW history links


This site allows virtual explorers to make six crucial decisions as a leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition. At the end of the choices, there are some great links to Lewis and Clark sites.


Both of these sites are a great place to explore Black History :


Sites on history, government and literature. Barefoot Bob's site is great for finding areas concerning history, science, literature, and more.


The Civil War Homepage is a great start for finding out anything you'd want to know about this war.


Cyndi's List contains hundreds of links that would not only help genealogists, but anyone searching for cultural, ethnic or historical information. This site would be especially good for students doing state, country or culture reports.


U.S. Legislation : Complete text of legislative bills and other legislative info.


Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! - If you or your students are doing any research on the Supreme court and its rulings you should see this site. Full text of decisions, Justice profiles, court history, and it is all searchable.


The Federal Web Locator : U.S. WWW Resources


The Great American Website : U.S. Government Resources on the Web


All types of historical documents


Free Government Publications


Language Arts

English Composition .............Writting .. It's not that easy. A Really great Site


If you are involved in foreign language instruction you can get deliriously lost here forever.


Where's Alice-- Lewis and Carroll's home page.


Tennyson's stuff


Engraver/poet/philosopher : Jefferson

Christian Science Monitor : The best part is the page's searchable archive. Students can use this site for research projects concerning Latin and South America.


"Electro Magnetic Poetry" : Refrigerator poetry : Know what it is?


"American Memory Project" : Two teachers in California put together a project to use with the Library of Congress' American Memories Site.

Teaching Spanish, World Cultures, cooking, or an exploratory in various world languages? Check these out...........



These pages are part of an on-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College,in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics.

This is an outstanding site for math educators at all levels. It has math resources by subject, areas on innovations and concerns in math Ed., and areas for both teachers and students.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics : Information concerning national standards and best practices. This is a great site for information about mathematics and includes lots of URLs you can link to for more information.

Math Forum : Links to Math Resources

Mega Mathmatics : Interesting Math Activities



Access Excellence : This site is devoted to Biology Teaching and Learning. It has several areas for the Teachers of Biology and their students, particularly but not limited to the area of Biogenetics.It provides information on current discoveries and happenings to labs and activities presented by School Teachers.


Space Sciences

The nine planets: a multimedia tour of the solar system


Nasa's Homepage


Mir Space Station


Space Image Libraries


NASA Shuttle Web


Space FAQ


Galileo Probe Mission Information


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space


Ask the Space Scientist


This is NASA Classroom of the Future, Exploring the Environment. It's a problem based learning module site, loaded with a great deal of science and social studies.


Here are some great space sites:


Online Magazines and Newspapers

These are but a few of many


Education Week on the Web : News of the Week, Teacher Magazine, Special Reports

Journal of Technology Education

T.H.E. Journal : Technological Horizons in Education

Technology and Learning : Past issues, software reviews, and more

Computer Network Zine

Technos : quarterly for education and technology

Future magazine

Scientific American

An On-line magazine concerning family and consumer issues

Seattle Times School Site

English as a Second Language: TESL Journal (Articles, Research Papers, Lessons, Classroom Info, Teaching Ideas & Links)

AJR Newslink : A site with a list of U.S. and Non-U.S. Online Newspapers.

Newspaper Mania : An extensive collection of Online Newspapers Worldwide. If you don't find it here check out AJR

MacWorld Magazine On-line

Networking On-line

Physical Education

Info for anyone in the physical education/health areas. Ideas for all age levels from preschool up.


Classroom Resources


CyberSpace Middle School


Classroom Web : Resources


NOVA(TM) Online :

This is provided by all those who donate money during the pledge drive supporting PBS programing. This allows access to a wide range of topics . Hunt for Alien Worlds, Curse of T. Rex, Lightning, Einstein Revealed and more.


Homework Heaven is a great resource for students, teachers, and parents.


Apple sponsored global projects. The projects come with recommended activities and curriculum connections.




This is a great site for k-12 information on all subjects


This is kidspace connection - great information and fun for kids.

4 Kids Site : For Kids site : activities


Doing the WebQuest : Contains numerous activities and links that can easily be adapted for classroom and library use including:



A fully-monitored virtual community for curious kids. Build your own homepage, Chat Box, Bulletin Boards, E-Pals and a whole lot more.

HyperText Book : a site which creates an environment that combines text, links, and relevant sites for students.




Interactive atlas, maps, trip planners and more. Want to know the exact distance between Seattle and Tampa Bay? This will give you the number with maps and driving directions.

geography links : Department of Geography : Radford University

Searching for China


Gary Cressman's wonderful Social Studies web site


Flags of the World Site


Washington State Homepage


This is a table of "spycams" all over the world. Want to see Red Square at UW, Keiko, Mt. Hood, Anchorage, AK?


Powerpoint projects on Bolivia and other countries South of our boarder


More info on South America


The website is a newsletter written by the staff of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The site allows students to view current photos of Antarctica, gives an introduction with photo to the South Pole crew at the station, information regarding the pole, questions and answers and an email list.

A great site on the exploration of the South Pole. Discusses Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen. Also includes information on weather conditions at the time of expeditions and gives more links to explorers.

The website is a newsletter written by the staff of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. : The site allows students to view current photos of Antarctica, gives an introduction with photo to the South Pole crew at the station, information regarding the pole, questions and answers and an email list.


Special Needs

SNOW's sister site for special needs children and their teachers and parents.

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)

The Curry School of Education at the University if Virginia. Special education Department

When a parent is approached by his/her child's teacher with the statement that "we need to refer your child to the School Psychologist", that parent often times panics and worries about all sorts of concerns. If this has happened to you, the following topics might be of interest:

Teaching At Home: a site which offers a lot of information concerning Homeschooling



Violinmaking by Hans Johansson (the best violin site & kid-friendly, too)


A Dynamic Interactive music museum : Celebrating creativity and innovation through American Popular Music and Culture


Here are three sites you can use as a music specialist to integrate music into the social studies curriculum

Music Campus of the Future : What It Could Be.........(goto the sitemap for all the notes)

Real Audio Plug-in : For your listening pleasure........ (This will take care of audio and video)

The DJ : You need a plug-in for your browser to access the music (Get Real Audio Plug-in). Just like a jukebox. You Choose. This is really Cooool!!



Eyes on Art : A Pacbell sponsored art site


MC Esher's work : This site has thumbnails of most of MC Esher's work


Great site to illustrate art principles: This site supplements PBS show Imagination Station. Runs through eleven

drawing principles and provides drawing lessons. Very kid centered.


Alternative Building Techniques

Dramatic increases in timber product prices are driving up costs of light construction. There are many materials that a builder can use other than wood. Wood is a building material which can be worked with easily but there are others which cost less and are more durable such as earth, stone, and straw.

With the cost of housing increasing significantly year by year more people find that they can't afford houses as they are currently built and many more don't want to spend their lives paying a mortgage. So alternative methods are being devised and building codes being revised to accommodate them. Below are a number of sites dealing with rammed earth dwellings, earth sheltered dwellings of various sorts, and alternative methods to create a more natural dwelling without giving up the amenities we're typically accustomed to.

Rammed Earth Construction Info from Soledad Canyon Earth builders of Las Cruces, New Mexico


Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living: A site using rammed earth in tires, similar to earth ship

An earth structure using gypsum as a mixing ingredient making it a unique method to cast load bearing walls without reinforcement

Sustainable Building Sourcebook

Interested in Log Homes. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a log home, find information on maintenance or design, locate a log home company that services your area, or searching for log home related items you can find the information and answers on the LogHome.Net.

A resource guide for Straw Bale Construction 

Straw Bale Homes Magazine

escape the power grid? Here's some unique perspectives on how to do it.

Earthships are passive solar dwellings :built from old tires and rammed earth. Very environmentally friendly and surprisingly beautiful.