Welcome to the ISS Classroom

Mrs. Smith

In School Suspension or ISS is a program that deals with the discipline of students in a controlled school setting. Each student is dealt with on an individual basis. The main goal of ISS is to help the student improve their way of decision making. Upon returning to the classroom we hope the student will be better focused and on task for the days ahead. ISS is also a place where students can come when they need a time-out from their classroom. Some students are on contracts. When on a contract students may spend 30 min. in ISS or the whole period. ISS is also a place where the students can come and talk to me, and express their anger/hurt , or complaints. Mrs. Smith will listen to any student who comes to her. She Feels that after the student has expressed their feelings, anger,sadness , etc. , they are better focused and more able to learn at school. ISS, for some students is a wake-up call, they return to class with a different frame of mind.