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Who are the Littles?

THERE are at least three distinct groups of Littles - 

English Littles whose ancestors never even set foot in Scotland.

Littles of the Scottish Border

"Huguenot" Littles who came from France 300+ years ago.

MANY of the 45,000 Littles who are dispersed around the globe may be aware that their progenitors came from Dumfriesshire on the Scottish side of the Anglo-Scottish Border, or perhaps from neighboring Cumberland on the English side of the Border, or from Ulster in Ireland.

THE 1587 Act of the Scottish Parliament Roll of the Clans that have Captains, Chiefs and Chieftains "on whom clansmen depend against the will of their landlords in the Borders and the Highlands" names "Litillis" among the names listed under West March. Thus in 1587 the Littles were clearly regarded as a Clan. 

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