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In 1672 David was the last Laird of Meikledale and last Chief of Clan Little to register arms. His full coat of arms consists of the shield and the crest: 

The Shield shows the arms - a silver St. Andrew's Cross on a black background. The dominant black and silver (black and white) comprise the livery colors of the Border Littles. 

The crest of the chiefs of Clan Little was a demi-lion in black spattered with silver saltires; in his right paw he holds a cutlass, in his left the cross of St. Andrew. The only splash of color is in the red claws.The Crest rests on a wreath of the livery colors.

A crest was originally attached to the top of the helmet and, like the arms on the shield and surcoat, had the function of identifying the otherwise unrecognizable fully-armored leader to his followers on the field of battle. 

        The Chiefs of the Little Clan had two mottoes:
"Concedo Nulli" 
(no surrender, no retreat, yield no ground)


"Fidei Coticula Crux" 

(The Cross is the Test of Truth)

    Mottoes popular with later arms-bearing Border Littles have been
"Magnum in Parvo" 
(Great in Little) 


"Multum in Parvo" 

(Much in Little)

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