If you are staying in the southern part of town then almost everything is within walking distance. Hotels, restaurants, beaches, laundromats, and the nightclubs are only a short walk away.

Most of the time you can get to where you are going by foot, but if you need to go further than walking distance take the little town buses instead of the taxis. A 20 min. ride in a taxi can cost you about $5- $6 US. but the bus will get you to the same place for 3 pesos (30 cents). These buses run from 6:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m.

If you want to take the bus from the airport to the southern part of town (25 min.) where all the cheap hotels are then catch the bus labeled "Centro". The bus stop is just outside the airport on the highway.

When taking a taxi you can always bargain with the driver first. Some people have been known to get over charged, off so pay attention. It's always good to know what the expected fare should be, ask around first if your not sure.

You can rent a car from all the big name car rentals, BUDGET, AVIS, DOLLAR AND NATIONAL but there's really no reason to, with such a good municiple bus system.

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