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Though Puerto Vallarta is a world class resort on the Pacific coast , it has managed to keep its charm with white stuccoed buildings with red tiled roofs and cobblestone streets. The town is surrounded by the Pacific ocean on one side and lush green mountains on the other.

Though you can easily spend $300.00 u.s. on a hotel room here, a few small quaint hotels still have rooms for under $15.00 a night. This Pacific coast resort has something for every budget.

The beaches in the southern part of town are beautiful. Here you can kick back and sip margaritas and watch the sun set every evening. At night you can take a moonlight stroll on the waterfront or party in one of the many nightclubs throughout the town.

The people in Puerto Vallarta are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet and English is spoken almost everywhere. Many U.S. and Canadian citizens return to Puerto Vallarta every year. So just a warning, this place can become addicting.

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