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Size Charts

Of some of the typical sizes and their uses.


 Typical Size Chart

House Style

Use this chart to order a HOUSE STYLE shelter. If the size shelter you need is not listed here, then you will be able to make a CUSTOM order. We can supply you with shelters from the size of a small shed to large enough to cover an ocean liner or airplane, so we should be able to serve your needs.
Width   Height   Length
8 12 
10  18 
12 20 
14 24 
14 10  30 
14 12  36 
14 14  36 
18 20 
18 10  24 
24 24 
24 10  20 

Round Style

Use this chart to order a ROUND STYLE shelter. If you order a shelter that is 15 by 15, it will be a half circle. If you want your shelter to have flat sides, then order one that is taller than it is wide, or anchor your shelter on an attractive wooden pony wall or build a cinder block wall. Remember that if you do not see the size you need here, you can custom order almost any size and shape you want.
Width   Height   Length
10  18 
12  12 
12  24 
14  10  24 
14  14  24 
20  20 
20  10  40 
26  12  24 
26  16  36 

 About Green Frog

Greene Frogge Shelters supplies instant storage, instant garages, professional and personal greenhouses, and all-weather shelters for both personal and industrial use. Sizes range from 5 and a half feet by 5 and a half feet by 8 feet, up to 200 feet wide, 100 feet high, and a mile long, and every size in-between, in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Greene Frogge ships worldwide, and we are a service center for most of the brands we carry. Greene Frogge Garages, Shelters and Greenhouses. We have shelters for cars, trucks, motor homes, airplanes, plants, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, livestock, greenhouses, and more! Green Frog Shelters is located in view of Mount Ranier in Tacoma, Washington.


 Delivery Estimates 
These shelters are custom manufactured products, available by special order only. Delivery times are estimates only. Cancellations over delays in deliveries due to circumstances beyond our control, such as floods, freight company problems, earthquakes, etc., will not be accepted. If, in our judgement, we do decide to accept a cancellation, there will be a 30% restocking fee. Under no circumstances will shipping charges be refunded for any shelter which has already been delivered. Any order you place with us constitutes agreement to these terms. 
Greene Frogge Shelters 
1222 S. 38 th St. 
Tacoma, WA 98418 
Phone (253) 472-3704 
Fax (253) 475-1194