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My name is Bob Clayton. I have many years of experience in breeding, training, and showing dogs. I whelped my first litter in 1949. (That was not a Neapolitan Mastiff. I wouldn't want to give anybody the impression I've been in Neos that long.) The Neo is unlike any other breed of dog. He is the ultimate and supreme guardian and family protector. He is absolutely without fear. He can be terrible or charming, ferocious or loving, intractable or docile, with his charges. But he can hear your heart beat from the next room. He can smell your scent as far as the wind can carry it. At night, no eye can note his passage, no ear can hear his footfall. He can't be scared, he can't be bluffed, he can't be bribed. You can't escape him. An adult male Neo can go through a closed door.

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