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   About Greene Frogge Shelters
Greene Frogge Shelters supplies instant storage, instant garages, professional and personal greenhouses, and all-weather shelters for both personal and industrial use. Sizes range from 5 and a half feet by 5 and a half feet by 8 feet, up to 200 feet wide, 100 feet high, and a mile long, and every size in-between, in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Greene Frogge ships worldwide, and we are a service center for most of the brands we carry. Greene Frogge Garages, Shelters and Greenhouses. We have shelters for cars, trucks, motor homes, airplanes, plants, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, livestock, greenhouses, and more! Green Frog Shelters is located in view of Mount Rainier in Tacoma, Washington.


   We Supply
We supply instant, temporary, and permanent tents, sheds, shelters, canopies, and covers for storage, garages, boathouses, greenhouses, and pool covers, to protect your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, motor home, bicycle, kayak, canoe, skis, snowmobile, airplane or ultra light aircraft.

These are affordable tents in house or dome quonset lodge style, awnings and canopies that can be used for weddings, lawn and garden parties or receptions, sporting events, or family picnics and reunions, as well as school, church, and charity functions.

These durable kits also have industrial and farm applications for all weather protection of equipment and animals in summer, winter, spring, and fall. In times of disaster our shelters have been used to house those made homeless by earthquake and flood, have been used as barracks and camps.


   Delivery Estimates
These shelters are custom manufactured products, available by special order only. Delivery times are estimates only. Cancellations over delays in deliveries due to circumstances beyond our control, such as floods, freight company problems, earthquakes, etc., will not be accepted. If, in our judgment, we do decide to accept a cancellation, there will be a 30% restocking fee. Under no circumstances will shipping charges be refunded for any shelter which has already been delivered. Any order you place with us constitutes agreement to these terms.
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